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From: Joy Bells
Subject: Feet FirstThey say a face can launch a thousand ships! Old hat, that one, and not
true, in my case. With me, it always has to start with the feet.You may have a face that could knock a man down at fifty paces, or eyes
that could stop a guy dead in his tracks with one teeny glance, but if you
have huge flat feet, forget it! Of course, it helps if I like your body
too, but it's all got to start with the feet.You might think I sound pretty full of myself, but this isn't my little red
book I'm filling. This is my profession. Also my pleasure. It's what makes
me different. It's also a dead secret from my bosses, who'd go bloody
mental if they knew!You wouldn't think there is anything special about me. I'm short, plump,
fortyish, and averagely attractive, I don't flaunt the money I'm quietly
laying away. I work in a moderately successful beauty and massage parlor in
a medium-sized town. And don't go jumping to conclusions, I ain't no
hooker. I work with ladies, and if I like you, and if you're receptive,
you'll have the best orgasms of your life with Jenna Kelly!It's never the likely looking ones that get the special treatments. I
mean, take Molly Manseni! Her Mom made the appointment, a full body
massage, as a birthday present. When she staggered in I could see why she
needed it. She looked to be the kind of woman who works her ass off from
dawn to dusk, and half the night! She sure didn't have time to waste on
her looks; her hair needed cutting, she wore hardly any make up, sweats and
a shirt and a pair of running shoes that made her feet look two sizes
bigger."What I gotta take off?" she asked, dumping about a million grocery bags in
reception."everything except your bra and panties." I said and went to get my stuff
ready. I was imagining some kind of scrawny body, and skinny feet with
chipped enamel on the toes. Yukk!And then I went in, and there she was, of course, all covered up with
towels, demure as you like, but I got a glimpse of the toes. long, slim
toes; short-nailed, unpainted. A good start. I peeled back the towel, and
my breath caught in my throat.I've seen lots of feet. You do in my job. But Molly Manseni had lovely, I
could say delicious ones! long, slim, dainty they were, the skin was
luminous, creamy, the in-step delicately arched, the heel beautifully
rounded. The skin was silky smooth, I dee desi pink lolita couldn't see one callous or hard
patch on them from where I was lookingI felt saliva come into my mouth, and reined myself back fiercely. This
was going to be tricky. You have to be careful with these ladies.
Sometimes they rise, sometimes they don't, we'd just have to wait and see,
but oh! I wanted those feet! I wanted to take each toe in my mouth, see
how it would feel to lick it, graze it tenderly with my teeth, taste the
skin, lick the tender hollows between the toes. I wanted to stroke, and
love, and explore every inch of those angelic feet with hands, and mouth,
and tongue, and see how Molly would like it! But first, we had to go
carefully.I pulled the towels away from the lower half of the body, and oiled my
hands. Now I could see the legs, feet and some of the hips and stomach
too, and my juices really started rising. lolita bbs hot movies She wasn't scrawny. She wasn't
real slim she must have had a few kids, you could see the baby pooch, but
she had just enough flesh on her bones to make her look real somehow, not
Barbie dollish, I like ladies like that. Her legs were nice, Not too long,
but shapely. Her hips were generous and her stomach curved a little, and
just enough. Her skin glowed as I began to stroke oil over her and gave
off gleams under the lights. I thought I could take bites out of her like
she was a crisp apple!She was starting to relax under my ministrations, apart from anything else,
I'm a good masseuse, hell! I've been doing it long enough! So now, it's
time to face the music. Gee, I hope she plays. I want those feet! Maybe
she won't play, she seems real happy, if busy, she's wearing a wedding
band, maybe she's fine like she is. Well, nothing ventured...I take her left foot in my hand. I'm trying not to tremble. I mouth has
gone dry, my pulse is accelerating slightly, I can feel myself creaming, I
can't help it, she is so yummy under those sweats, I simply gots to have
her! Wonder what she sounds like when she screams. I delicately finger
her feet, carefully watching her face all the time. They can't hide the
look. If they let me in, it always shows. I press, just there, hoping, oh
so hoping.A reaction! yes! o glory! Well, of course there's always a reaction, I
mean, reflexology's reflexology, and I've touched an erotic spot, but some
people just blank it. Only she didn't. She looked at me. Right in my
eyes. Her mouth is opening, o god, look at those lips. Full and red, no
lipstick, that's natural. It's going to take all the willpower in the
world not to kiss... Steady Jen, Jesus! you'll ruin everything! You're
supposed to have a plan here!I wait, watching her, but she doesn't move, doesn't speak. I move my
fingers infinitesimally, and press another place on her sole, this time a
bit harder, watching her all the time. Ah! this time she moved, a definite
wriggle. Her tongue comes out, O Hell, look at that, I practically blow
for seeing it, a gorgeous little tongue, she gives her lips a lick.For fuck's sake Jen! What in hell's got into you, you've done this a
zillion times before, with much prettier women, and now you're about to
explode? What is with you today? Will you get a fuckin grip and get on
with the plan!I take her lolitas wearing thongs pics foot in my hand again, and begin gently circling my fingers
around the best places, every now and again giving a little touch, a little
tease, bringing her slowly up, arousing her expertly, holding myself back,
stroking those elegant feet, waking up the passion in her, God she's
beautiful, how could I have ever thought there'd be nothing there, look at
those gorgeous eyes, smoky and brown, gazing at my face, look at the way
she arches when I touch just there..."Are you going to fuck me or what!"What did she just say? What! What! The loli porn mange conviction
Fuck! This isn't in the script!"I mean I know I want to fuck you. lolita sex com nl
I think you want to fuck me, or have I
got it wrong, do you always look at the people you massage like that? So,
are you only going to touch my feet, because I wanna touch yours, and a lot
more. do you know you have a stain on your pants?"In absolute disbelief I look down at the dark patch on the front of my pale
pink satin work pants. Oh my fucking god! I've never done that before. Not
ever!I put my head out the door."Leona," I holler. "Beat it! You have a two-hour lunch break, starting
now."Leona's pink bee-hive hair do, shiny black cat suit, tangerine lip gloss
and huge spidery black lashes bob towards me. What Leona would look like
without the razmataz I really don't know."I want $200 for not telling this time," she says."Beat it!" I spit, "you'll get my foot in your crotch. Or you could always
come watch!" That gets her out fast enough. Little miss hinky punk's a
prude at heart!I go back to my room, to find my hot date, lying untowelled and totally
naked on the couch. Juices start flowing. My pussy immediately wets up, my
mouth waters and my hands reach for her."You done this before, sweetcakes?" I ask."Nope. Always thought I'd like to though. Just like it here, and the way
you're looking at me turns me on. So let's have fun. Anything goes. But on
condition I get to play too!"That stops me. Usually I'm a giver only. I get mine from giving out, I
don't let them touch me. Safer that way really. But... Aw the hell!I can't wait any longer, I reach for a foot, slide the first toe into my
mouth, let my juice run over it, taste the clean skin. I shiver with pure
pleasure. Delicious feet I said, and delicious they are!As I explore the toes, licking and sucking, taking each one into my eager
mouth, with my hands I perform my magic on the sole of the foot, and Molly
arches and writhes, gasps and moans as I bring her up to a fever of desire
and exquisite pleasure! I feel my own pleasure building deep within the
warm core of myself as I lick and suck, stroke and need those glorious,
sweet, wonderful feet and finally, I bring the toes to the wet center of
me, and rub them against me. at the same time touching the right places on
Molly's soles, to send her screaming down into the fiery void of pleasure.
A moment or two later, I'm headed to much the same place, it's gentler,
warmer softer, but it's there, sweet, oh, so so sweet, a deep delight so
intense.I'm almost folding at the knees with the strength of my come, and now Molly
has jumped off the couch and is pushing me on to it! What the fuck! this
dame does not play by the rules! To tell the truth, I'm not expecting much,
she's totally unskilled, unawakened, she's... holy crap! she's kissing me!
They're not supposed to do... that...Soft, gentle, melting. Full soft lips, soft tongue dancing on mine. I don't
know when I felt anything like this, not so much sexual as sensual
pleasure. she's leaning over me now, oh God look at her breasts, full,
soft, hard pointy nipples, well, come on! I know I never suck, but that's
open invitation, what's a girl to do! And now she's.. doing.. mine. oh god!
um. Can't think. What's she saying?"Put your hands above your head. right up there. now don't move them. I'm
gonna do stuff to you, and if you make a sound apart from breathing, you're
allowed to do quickened or heavy breathing, but you can't moan, or speak,
if you make a sound, I'll stop, and we'll go right back to the start."Yeah right! Give me something difficult, why don't you? so here I am, la la
la, hands behind my head, and she's kneeling over me, I casually reach out
to suck a nipple, so juicily tempting "Keep the fuck still!" she snarls.
Well shit! Pardon me for breathing! Ok, ok!Now she's, o holy fucking hell in a piss pot! she's taking my foot. she's
got my big toe. I will not young lolita kidz images moan, I will not moan, I will not. moan. I will,
aaaaaaah, god that's so good! o fuck, she stopped! ouch! what the fuck! She
hit me! not hard, but she picked up a little rule from the desk out front,
and she whupped me! Yee-ow, that tingles! Hey, do that again. No, she
won't. Damn!Ok, got my foot again. licking lolita games party portal my toe, I want her to suck, she just starts,
but she teases, a now she's doing it, can't make a sound, it's setting me
on little lolita russian pre
fire, I'm running with cream! Smells like the freshest Maine lobsters! I
want to dip my fingers in it, but bitch will whup me again if I move! I'm
panting like a steam engine! oh! oh god! she's got all my toes in her
mouth, she's playing them with her tongue, oh god, I'm going to come any
minute, I'll scream the place down, her spit is falling on my foot, warm
and soft and gorgeous, oh god, here it comes, oh it's going to be huge!
yayayayayayayyayayayay!Woohoo! Managed to hold back apart from a few little squeaks! That was a
biggy, Ziggy! So now what? now she's moving up, oh, yummy kisses to the
insides of my thighs, o, God I want her to put her face in me, suck me,
lick me just forever and a day, hurry up, can't you! hell! I moaned, just a
tiny one, she was just that close! wouch! bitch! you'll pay for that I'll
never touch your feet again this side of doomsday! Do that again! O God!
She's biting me! Drooling all lolas bbs pics model
over my skin, licking and biting my legs,
knees, calves, thighs, o, just that little bit of pain, not too much, o it
feels good, it's turning me on, come here, I want you to lick me, damn it!
don't make me beg! O! I'm so so wet! O don't go up there, it's nothing good
up there. Ok, it feels nice, hey! Don't bite too hard, I'll scream, and
then what'll happen. O wow, o that's so nice, I'm arching, I'm writhing,
I'm doing all kinds of stuff I never do, abandoning myself in a way Jenna
Kelly just never does.And now she suddenly slid her gorgeous mouth down me in one smooth glide,
and latched on to me. Her face is buried in my soft bush, her tongue is
circling my clit, lapping my juices, she's moaning, my hands are in her
thick hair, pressing her gently into me as I arch up towards her, o I can
feel it, feel it rising, blotting out thought, the come of the century...She flipped me over! Like a wet fish! I'm lying on my stomach on the couch,
limp with pleasure, still shuddering, and she's standing over me! she is
laughing, what in hell's teeth is she up to now. Wouch! o wow! she's giving
me light, smart taps with that rule, all over my back and butt, not hurting
bad, just that neat, tiny bit of pain that turns me on so. she watches me
buck and writhe under it waits till I'm right on the edge.. and stops."lick me, bitch!" she snarls.I've been waiting. I bury my head in her. I'm amazed at her body, how
well cared for she is. Her pubic mound is porno lolita double penetration
shaved smooth, her skin soft,
smooth as satin. I sink my face into her warm muskiness, and suck and suck
and suck, o she's so wet, she's so warm, she's so wanting. I slowly circle
her tiny button, small and firm it is, tight as a bud. I feel her buck
under my teasing tongue, I make her, with my tongue and fingers, and every
trick I know, pay for completely undoing all my careful plans. By the time
we reach the edge, we're both making enough dee desi pink lolita noise to wake the dead. She
grabs my hair, and we both careen into the void, yelling out our joy in the
moment!When I come out of the shower in the scuzzy little washroom in back, she is
once more Momma Molly, and I am once more Miz porno lolita double penetration Jenna Kelly, Masseuse
Extraordinaire. I smile professionally at her from behind the front desk.
Leona's not back yet."So, Mrs Manseni, will you be wanting young lolita children cunny a follow-up appointment?" I ask.She smiles wistfully, and shakes her head, as she hands me some folding
green."Nah," she says, and gives me a wink. "I think a full body massage is a
once in a lifetime experience. Mom says it's a great thing to have at a
time in your life when the chips are right down, and You never forget
having one. I was a bit scared, didn't know what to expect, but Mom told
me she'd really enjoyed hers. She said she first came to this parlour
right after the divorce, and had been coming back ever since! She knew I
wouldn't want that, but said once would do no harm, to make me realize I
was a woman, not just a wife and Mom. She said you were the best Masseuse
in the world, and she told me, go on! Live a little! Just let yourself go,
honey! dive right in, feet first!"
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